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Privacy Policy Your privacy is important to us, therefore we want you to be aware of the safeguards we use. We do require that you register with your real name and a valid e-mail address, as well as an account name. Your real name will appear in the game, on your pilot profile page. Your e-mail, along with your name, will not be distributed or sold to any outside party. Your e-mail will not be displayed in any circumstances, we use it only to inform you of updates and changes.
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FSAirlines Pilot Registration

Please register your self at FSairlines – Fill out the registration form here, then activate your account in the mail you will recieve from FSAirlines.


Callsign Full Name Position Location Budget
IAA100 Adelet Bayoumi OWN EKBI 67,400 v$
IAA101 Hani Bayoumi OWN LFBO 134,420 v$
IAA102 Ali Bayoumi CPT EKBI 10,437 v$
  Alaa Bayoumi   EKBI 10,000 v$