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A description of the training course

Our training takes place from Billund and around Denmark.
In download there will be various study material that you will familiarize yourself with.
The instructor is always available to the students.
The students and the instructor train together until the student flies his first solo flight.
After that, the student will receive a flight (assignment) of the instructor that the student must complete with a satisfactory resume.
When the student is ready for trial, the student will have 3 landing attempts and must land at least once out of the 3 attempts to pass the test to the private pilot.
When the student passes the test, the student will be employed by Virtual Airlines and will be assigned a route by the instructor.
If the student wishes this, the student can train to higher rank.
Good luck with the training and enjoyment.


Piper PA-28 C 180 Cherokee

(For Students Only)

For begin the study you must download the school-plane Piper PA-28 from  forum/topic/download/ ( For Students Only )

Please download the aircraft one time only. To download the flight multiple times, please contact admin before you download.

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